Pyramideto is a simple and fast game for 2-6 players (age 4+) played with Pyramideto cards and a set of pyramids. 

Move pyramids, form your secret goal and create your own story.

42 colorful Goal cards. 

Pyramideto gave its name to the whole system of card games with pyramids.

author Jan Divecky,
#player 2-6
age of players 4-99
time of average game 10 min.
equipment 1 set of pyramids + 42 Pyramideto cards




ICE Awards 2010

Pyramideto was a finalist in ICE Awards 2010 (USA, fan-organized award given annually to recognize quality fan-produced games for pyramids).

Game of the Year 2012 Competition

Pyramideto won the Game of the year 2012 Competition (Czech fan-organized competition open for all games with pyramids). Pyramideto also won three side prizes: best game for kids, best starter (start game with iGos) and the most original game with iGos.

New Pyramideto

We published New Pyramideto in June 2014. Upgraded version of the Game with more goals, new cards, Magic cards and different levels of game came in three language mutations: English-Spanish, English-Chinese and English-Czech.
New cards are now available from US based print company DriveThruCards.
More cards, more goals. Magic cards. More levels. New rules. 
New Pyramideto. 
Create your own story.