Pyramideto Rules

Your Story behind the cards

Pyramideto is an Easy-Fast-Fun game with pyramids that grows up with your children (and you too).

Pyramideto can be played on different levels to match your age and skills. Start with just one card and finish with a full structured story. The goal of the game changes as you grow, but the principle of game is still the same - move a pyramid and form your secret trio.



Move pyramids, young man, and grow up with your cards! (Horace Greeley)



There are three levels of the game - Basic, Regular and Advanced. These versions vary in the way how to start the game, how to achieve a goal and how to win the game. In advanced version, players can also use Six magic cards.

Level Player Age
Basic game Beginner Children 4+
Regular game  Standard player Children 6+
Advanced game Experienced player Children 8+


Before the game: Start cards 

startzelvamala.jpgrubkaret6pakcni.pngThere are six Start cards in six colors with an orange back side in the game. Place six Start cards on the table. Six cards form a board for the game.


Before the game: Pyramids

You need one set of pyramids.


  • Basic and Regular game: place pyramids one by one on corresponding Start cards colors.
  • Advanced game:  place pyramids in nests on corresponding Start cards. (Nest means there is a medium pyramid on the top of small one and a large pyramid on top of a medium one.)

Before the game: Goal Cards

For Advanced game deal to every player one Magic card (see below) first and rest of Magic cards remove from the deck.

For all levels shuffle all the goal cards (with a grey back side) and deal three cards to each player. Place the rest of the cards on the table as a drawing pile.

Do not show your cards to anyone!

Goal cards


All goal cards consist of:

  • Name (Parrot, e.g.)
  • Picture
  • Frame (blue, e.g.)
  • Pyramid trio (small blue, medium green and large red pyramids, e.g.)


The game

Common features

Each player’s task is to form trios out of the pyramids to match his or her goal cards.

To understand better how the trio can and cannot be formed, see these examples: 

trio4.pngpap.pngThere is a goal card Parrot on the picture. Notice the blue frame, it will be important for regular and advanced levels. But for this moment concentrate on a trio of pyramids in the left upper corner. There is a blue small pyramid (one pip) on the top of green medium (two pips) pyramid on the top of large (three pips) red pyramid. So these three pyramids (blue small pyramid on the top of green medium pyramid on the top of large red pyramid) form a trio

So, if you want to achieve the Parrot goal, you need to form exactly this trio of pyramids. Remember - all matters - color, size and order.

trio4b.pngtrio4c.pngImportant! There is no need for the pyramid tower to consist only of the trio forming your goal. It does not matter if there are other pieces under (or above) the pyramids that make up your goal. It is crucial, though, that the pyramids are in the right order, have the required sizes and colors and no other pieces interrupt your goal.

Starting the game

The youngest player starts the game. The players make their moves consecutively in clockwise order.


In your turn you can or move a pyramid or replace a card in your hand.

Move a pyramid

pyramid1.jpgWhen it is your turn, you must must select one (visible) single pyramid, whether it is by itself or as part of a stack, move it and place it either directly on any Start card or on top of any other stack of pyramids.

pyramid2.jpgAny pyramids on top of the pyramid you selected also move with your pyramid, riding along on top of it.


pyramid3.jpgYou can place the selected pyramid directly on any Start card or on another pyramid. Your move must obey only one restriction: No nesting! 


Two players game = No takebacks!

If the game is played by two players only, you cannot select the very same pyramid that was just selected by the other player. You may still move it as a part of a larger stack.


Replacing the card

On your turn, instead of moving pyramid(s), you may exchange one of your goal cards for a new one. Place your old goal card on the bottom of the deck, then draw the top card into your hand.

Achieving the goal

When you form a trio of pyramids as it is shown on one of your cards, place the goal card on the table facing up in front of you.

Important! In advanced version of the game, you have to fulfill your goal card on the right Start card too. F. e. the goal with blue frame on the blue Start card.

After you complete a goal, draw a new goal card.

Create your story and win the game!

Once you understand what the trio is and how to make a move, you can start to create your own Pyramideto stories. 

A well built story involves some important elements such as characters, locations, plot etc. In Pyramideto, you create a story by placing your fulfilled goal cards on the table in front of you. 

Do you know? Cards with the same frame color match together! (Banana King)

Color codes

Color Goal
Blue animals
Black means of transport
Yellow clothes
Red toys
Green food
White time and places


Full story

Depending on their skills (and age), players create differently complicated stories.

Who creates the full story first, wins the game.

What does the full story include? 

Level Full story
Basic game Simple story of any 2 goals cards
Regular game  Nice story of or:
  • 3 goals all having the same frame color
  • 4 goals all having different frame colors
  • Any 5 goals
Advanced game Deep story of five goals all having different frame colors


Magic cards

rubkaret6pakcni.pngThere are six Magic cards (with an orange back side) for advanced players. For Advanced game deal to every player one Magic card first and rest of Magic cards remove from the deck. You can use power of your Magic card or used it as a regular Goal cards.

If you fulfill a goal from a Magic card, you can count it for any frame color you want.  

Ice crutch

berlamrazilka.pngInstead of your regular move, place any actual tower of pyramids on this card. Anytime you want you can instead of your regular move defrost any top pyramids and put them back into the game. (When you defrost more than one pyramid, put them back into the game as a tower, you cannot split them.) When you defrost last pyramid out of this card, discard the Ice crutch. Ice crutch is: GOAL OR ACTION CARD.

Aladdin's lamp

aladinovalampanova.pngInstead of your regular move, take one extra card from the deck to your hand and choose a color. Place this Magic card close to the Start card of the chosen color and use power of the Genie. Game continues regularly until someone fulfills a goal with the chosen frame color. This player takes one extra card from the deck and chooses a new color. Aladdin´s lamp card stays in game till the end. Aladdin´s lamp is: GOAL OR ACTION CARD.

Crystal ball

kristalovakoule3.jpgYou can use the power of Crystal ball only if you fulfilled it as a goal. Place the card in front of you among other goals you have fulfilled and anytime you can draw a card from the deck (when changing Goal cards, after completing a goal), you can choose from two cards. (The second card discards to a discard pile.) Crystal ball is: GOAL AND THEN ACTION CARD.

Flying carpet

letajicikoberecnovy.pngInstead of your regular move, place any three pyramids on this card. Only you can use these pyramids and return them back to the game (one by one). When you return last of these pyramids, discard the Flying carpet. Flying carpet is: GOAL OR ACTION CARD.

Magic purse

kouzelnymesecnovy.pngInstead of your regular move, place this card in front of you. Put three Goal cards from the deck on this card, facing up. Then, instead of your other regular move, you can add one of these cards into your hand. When the Magic purse is empty, discard it. Magic purse is: GOAL OR ACTION CARD.

Orc sword

skretimecnovy.pngInstead of your regular move, place this card on one Start card and force all pyramids on this Start card to move out in no-one zone between other Start cards. No pyramid can be placed on Orc sword. Instead of his or her regular move, any player can remove the Orc sword magic card from the Start card and add it into his or her hand. Instead of his or her other regular move, this player can place the Orc sword on a Start card and force all pyramids to move out as said above. Orc sword is: GOAL OR ACTION CARD.