Travelers, globetrotters, set the sails and sail the seven seas. Travel through countries on all continents and discover the most famous monuments of our blue planet.

Geodeto is an EASY-FAST-FUN card game with pyramids for 2-6 players (age 8+) that takes the best from Pyramideto game and increases the gaming experience for older players. 

author Jan Divecky,
#player 2-6
age of players 8-99
time of average game 20 min.
equipment 1 set of pyramids + 89 Geodeto cards


There are 89 cards it the game that represent states, sightseengs, and continents.

Every State or Sightseeing card holds:

  • Name of the State (or Sightseeing), f.e. United Kingdom
  • Capital city of the State (or location of the Sightseeing), f.e. London
  • Flag of the State (or pictogram of the Sightseeing group)
  • Pyramid trio you need to form
  • color strip of the Continent, f.e. blue for Europe
  • Geotweet - 140 character long text summarizing the State (or Sightseeing), f.e. "Brits have 165 million cups of tea a day. Only the Queen, football, Shakespeare, the Beatles and rainy weather can compete with it on the Isles."


Geodeto was the finalist of the Game of the year 2013 Competition (Czech fan-organized competition open for all games with pyramids)

Card Samples