11 Swing States


11 Swing States is the latest version of our U.S. President game.

There are no changes in rules, just some tweaks to improve your gaming experience. 


  • U.S. President Main Deck (same as in original version)

  • 11 Swing States MiniCards (for up to 6 players) to ease and speed the game

  • 11 Swing States Game Board - bigger and nicer board


You can buy 11 Swing States as a bundle at DTC with a discount.


You will need 4 sets of pyramids to play the game.


U.S. President is Easy-Fast-Fun game with 4 sets of pyramids.

  • At the beginning every player has a lead in some of swing states. (Deal cards)
  • Than players invest their funds to ads and try to convince voters in swing states. (Place one pyramid per round.)
  • Last weeks of campaing are really hectic. Mood of voters changies quickly. Candidates have no time to monitor and respond to all attacks. (All players place their pyramids simultaneously.)
  • On Election Day all votes are counted, and the winner becomes the new president. (Players count electors in swing states.)

U.S. President is a game we published in 2012 as a gift for all fans of pyramids. With 4 sets of pyramids you will go through last 12 weeks of presidential election campaign. With more sets you can experience more weeks and longer game.

  • To be a president or not to be, that is the question. 
  • Elementary, my dear Watson, just secure absolute majority of electors. 


11 Swing States / US President
author Jan Divecky, MWE.cz
#player 2-6
age of players 8-99
time of average game 20 min.
equipment 4 set of pyramids + 11 cards and modified map


Eleven key states are marked on the modified map to send the total of 145 electors. 

Each of the eleven key states has its State card, which indicates the number of electors in the State.

  • Montana - 3
  • Nevada - 6
  • Iowa - 6
  • Colorado - 9
  • Wisconsin - 10
  • Virginia - 13
  • North Carolina - 15
  • Michigan - 16
  • Ohio - 18
  • Pennsylvania - 20
  • Florida - 29* (*but be sure you have sufficient lead)

Did you know that even winning in three biggest states does not mean a victory?


US President is the winner of the Game of the year 2013 Competition (Czech fan-organized competition open for all games with pyramids)