12/07/2015 10:21
11 Swing States is the latest (and best) version of our game US President.   There are no changies in rules, just some tweaks to improve your gaming experience.  Content: U.S. President Main Deck (same as in original version) 11 Swing States MiniCards (for up to 6 players) to...
28/04/2015 19:31
Today we have published the new version of our main card game Geodeto.  Code name of the version is The Last Goal.  The new version brings many new cards (89), new kinds of cards (Inventors, Expeditions, Action Cards, Scoreboards, Countdown cards...) From now on this version is the...
28/10/2014 23:55
We uploaded two short videos about two our games - U.S. President and Geodeto. Whatch our videos on YouTube.  
14/10/2014 16:11
Our game US President has new game board (map) and upgraded cards full of colors and with a geo-tweet too. Get them on DriveThruCards - cards and map.    
22/08/2014 17:12
Let's go through a game of four friends - Red, Blue, Yellow and Green to see who will become an American president this time. Details about the game.   Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Let's go through a game of four friends - Red, Blue, Yellow and Green to see who will become an American...
07/08/2014 12:39
Your king and queen are obsessed with mysterious dreams. They believe in existence of mythical places and sent you to discover them.  The First Expansion brings six new goal cards, Pirates and Epidemy. Get the cards more details about Geodeto  
29/06/2014 14:43
We published New Pyramideto in June 2014. Upgraded version of the Game with more goals, new cards, Magic cards and different levels of game came in three language mutations: English-Spanish, English-Chinese and English-Czech.  You can buy new cards at DTC.
27/04/2014 14:29
  We divided our Card products on DTC into 6 categories.  Some of our cards are now available for free as Print-and-play PDFs. Our chinese and spanish cards are on the way. 
12/01/2014 00:56
If you look for our official logbook, you can find it here.
28/10/2013 15:21
Our game U.S. President became The Game of the Year 2013. Everyone can get cards for the game (and also for Pyramideto and Geodeto) for less than 1 USD at DriveThruCards. Congratulations and many thanks.