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There are loads of games with pyramids. We added few cards for them. 

  • Easy rules - just move a pyramid. 
  • Fast - to set up (and pack back). 
  • and 100% fun guaranteed.
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Card games for Pyramids

"At the begining there were no pyramids. So the earth was waste and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And He said, Let there be pyramids: and there were pyramids. And He saw the pyramids, that they were good: and He divided the pyramids from the cards..."

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Card games for pyramids

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  11 Swing States is the latest version of our U.S. President game. There are no changes in rules, just some tweaks to improve your gaming experience.  Content: U.S. President Main Deck (same as in original version) 11 Swing States MiniCards (for up to 6 players) to ease and...
Travelers, globetrotters, set the sails and sail the seven seas. Travel through countries on all continents and discover the most famous monuments of our blue planet. Geodeto is an EASY-FAST-FUN card game with pyramids for 2-6 players (age 8+) that takes the best from Pyramideto...
Pyramideto is a simple and fast game for 2-6 players (age 4+) played with Pyramideto cards and a set of pyramids.  Move pyramids, form your secret goal and create your own story. 42 colorful Goal cards.  Pyramideto gave its name to the whole system of card games with...

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28/04/2015 19:31
Today we have published the new version of our main card game Geodeto.  Code name of the version is The Last Goal.  The new version brings many new cards (89), new kinds of cards (Inventors, Expeditions, Action Cards, Scoreboards, Countdown cards...) From now on this version is the...
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